Charlotte Ince


2012 Château Mercuès

2012 - Paris, France: Gallerie Annette Huster

2011 - Château Haute Serre

2008 - Gallery 10, Washington, DC

2004 Gallery Le Temps Present, Evian, France

2003 Delort Printing House, Toulouse France “ Living Room”
Gallery L’Acadie, Cajarc, France “Entre Nous”

2002 Gallery Figure, Paris “ People and Things”
Salon: ART.METZ, France “Aspects of Couples”

2000 “Muted Meanings” Australian National University --
Canberra School of Art

1997 “Tête à Tête”, St. Cirq Lapopie

1996 Galerie L’Acadie, Cajarc, France « Pictures »

1994 Galerie EFTE, Paris

1993 Gallery Les Champs Bleus, Paris

1992 Atelier Jean Yves Gosti, « Family Values »

1991 Gallery Le Cercle Bleu, Metz, France

1988 Galerie Monique Sarrazin, Paris

1987 Exhibition for the World Championship of Billards, Paris

1985 Gallery Art Concorde, Paris

1982 Gallery Lothar Speerlich, Berlin



1987-95 Artistes à la Bastille – A non-profit association that organized events around artists studios at the Bastille in Paris, where my studio was located from 1984 to 1995. Funding from municipal and private sources aided the publication of a yearly catalogue which featured the work of each participating artist sometimes in collaboration with writers, musicians and actors as well as a number of cross cultural exchanges with artists from different countries. This association was also instumental in procuring legal leases for artists in France.

1988 Printmaking Biennale: Digne Muséum, Digne, France

1990 Galerie d’Art Contemporain St Cirq Lapopie, France

1991 Gallery Nicole Bellier, Paris

1992 Salon : « Contemporaine », Grande Palais, Paris

1997 « The Month of Prints », Paris. Exhibited with Cours Pavé Editions

2000 “Strates et Failles”, Beauregard, France. Ceramic installation in an open air site : « 20 Fish in Search of the Sea ».



2002 ART.METZ, Metz France

2000 Strates et Failles, Beauregard, France

1990-95 Artistes à la Bastille

1992 “Contemporaines”, Salon. Paris

1988 Biennale de Digne



2001-04 School of the Art Institute of Chicago program for The Artist Traveller’s Sketchbook. Presentation of my work and methods in my studio to the students participating in this program.

2004 Acceptance at Oxbow Residency, Illinois. However, due to conflicting dates and a previous engagement was unable to attend

2000 Artist in Residence: Four month residency at the Australian National University, Canberra School of Art. Sponsored by Network Economy Consulting Group with the support of the Alliance Francaise. Solo exhibition, conference on the subject of my work and methods and studio consultation with the graduating class.

1996 Bennington College Year Abroad Program in Paris, Taught beginning painting and drawing for students placed in my studio as part of their accredited curriculum.



2005 Comcast Studios, Hollywood California: Joan Quinn Profiles.
Interview and presentation of my work. Broadcast: February 14, 2005.

2004 “Reisewege” a German television journal for Channel 3 South West Interview and work filmed in my studio. Broadcast March 16, 2005.

2003 “Offing Offkey”, 12 page publication, 7 color plates and original text.
Edited by Delort Printing House, Toulouse, France.

Cover page reproduction of etching: “Etude”, for Spring Journal,
N° 70, A Journal of Archetype and Culture, Woodstock,

2000 “Muted Meanings”, 6 page publication, 7 color plates, 3 black and white plates, with text by Jenny Whitmore. Edited by the Canberra School of Art, Australian National University.

1999 Performance Magazine n° 102 November-December. Reproduction of oil painting “Three Faunes in Search of an Afternoon” for cover

1998 Le Monde de L’Education et de la Culture, n° 264 November.
Reproduction of oil painting « The Family » (75in x 55in) for cover page. Guest editor: Irène Théry, Dossier: Famile. The reproduction was also used for the publicity campaign appearing in Le Monde, daily, VSD, Télérama and Marianne magazines as well as for
Advertising posters (26in x 39in), distribution Paris.

1997 Le Monde de L’Education et de la Culture, n° 245 December.
Reproduction of oil painting, « Red Crowd » (26in x 36in) for cover page, guest editor: Elie Wiesel, Dossier: Civisme. The reproduction was also used for the publicity campaign appearing in Le Monde, daily, VSD, Télérama and Marianne magazines as well as for advertising posters (26in x 39in), distribution, Paris.

1991 Artension Magazine (national contemporary art magazine) n° 21
February. Rubric: Artist’s Studios by André Laude. Two page article
With reproductions of “Separate Tables” (24in x 31in), oil on canvas
and “Billard II” (52in x 63in) oil on canvas.

1984-85 “L’Art Quotidien” magazine, Paris. Collaboration and reproduction of paintings.


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